typology: Museum
year: 2022
location: Tarusa
status: project in progress

Tarusa’s Pages

The new building will become part of the museum complex located next to the “Salt Barn” of the late eighteenth century—one of the most significant objects of Tarusa’s cultural heritage, which can be seen in the paintings of Vasily Polenov.

The exposition is devoted to the study of the identity of the town of Tarusa. Six exhibition halls are connected by a single narrative. Visitors follow the route, moving from hall to hall and from one floor to another. The exhibition space resembles a river: the corridors between the halls turn, curve and lead to a terrace overlooking the Oka river.

The architectural image of the new museum is an unfinished wooden bridge, which refers to the history of Tarusa: although the banks of the Oka have always been connected by a crossing, a permanent bridge has never been built here. The theme of the facade solutions is the traditional Tarusa embroidery perevit’, made of wooden slats.

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